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The Optimal Life with Nate Haber

Inspirational conversations with extraordinary people.

Jan 3, 2023

Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest during last night's Monday Night Football game was scary, shocking and terribly sad.  It reminds us that health is wealth and, without it, nothing else matters.

Jun 24, 2022

Tony Grossi is a longtime Cleveland Browns reporter who now covers the Browns and the NFL for and 850 ESPN Cleveland.  

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Mar 30, 2022

Tyler Harkins is the co-founder of Axcess, an app that allows athletes at all levels to monetize their brand by sharing exclusive content with their fans.

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Mar 9, 2022

Chris De Santiago is a 20-year old MMA journalist who runs the MMA media outlets @MMA.island and @MiddleEasy.

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Mar 3, 2022

Wale Ogunleye played 11 seasons in the NFL.  After finishing his professional athlete career, he pursued an MBA and is now the Head of Sports and Entertainment at UBS, a global financial services company.  Wale seeks to help professional athletes have healthy relationships with their money, while also planning for life...