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The Optimal Life with Nate Haber

Inspirational conversations with extraordinary people.

Nov 28, 2020

"Richie" came on the podcast to share traumatic stories from his childhood and adult life that have shaped him into the man he is today.  From family rifts to anti-semitism, you won't want to miss this raw and eye-opening conversation.


Nov 25, 2020

Daniel Kennedy is a longevity expert, author and filmmaker whose documentary series, "Healthy Long Life," is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.  


Nov 17, 2020

Kim Daly is a franchise consultant and business coach who assists people through the often complex and unique process of franchising.  

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Nov 11, 2020

Vanessa V works in the beauty and hospitality industries.  She joined me for a candid conversation about the crazy dating scene, providing real-life stories of her dating chronicles.


Nov 3, 2020

Ara Arslanian returned to the podcast to join me for a conversation about aliens, life's purpose and politics as we watched the 2020 presidential election results come in live.