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The Optimal Life with Nate Haber

Inspirational conversations with extraordinary people.

Mar 25, 2024

Jason White is a federal government contracting expert, speaker and online coach who helps people learn how to win government contracts.  He is the author of, "The Uncoventional Path to Success: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Expire with Self-Education," and hosts the podcast "Wealth Wednesdays After Party with...

Mar 21, 2024

Florence Ann Romano, formerly known as 'The Windy City Nanny,' is a personal growth strategist, philanthropist and author of the book, "Build Your Village: A Guide to Finding Joy and Community in Every Stage of Life."

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Mar 19, 2024

Dr. Adaira Landry is an emergency medicine physician and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Resa Lewiss is an emergency medicine physician, award-winning educator and host of The Visible Voices Podcast.  Together, they co-authored the book, "MicroSkills," which teaches small, learnable skills that can...

Mar 13, 2024

Rick Jordan is the founder and CEO of Reach Out IT, a publicly traded IT firm providing cybersecurity solutions to companies nationwide.  He is also a scotch enthusiast, the author of the book, "Situational Ethics," and hosts the ALL IN with Rick Jordan Podcast.

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